Level 47 Designs

Creative Designs and Consulting

About Us

Level 47 Designs is based in central Illinois and provides products and services of a creative or technical nature.  Here is a list of some of what we can provide:

Small Business

  • Local area networking (installation, design, and consulting)
  • Web design
  • General IT consulting
  • e-commerce consulting


  • Online program transition consulting
  • Online program and course design and implementation
  • Online program faculty training


  • Senior portraits
  • Agricultural photography
  • Custom calendars
  • Sports photography


  • Wooden signs and plaques
  • CNC custom designs

In addition, we have several channels and a social media presence that are designed to take some important information directly to our interested subscribers.  These channels center around a variety of topics and niches and we think you will find some of them interesting.  Be sure to follow the links and take a look!